4 tips for planners: how to design a professional kitchen


What are the more important aspects to consider when you design a professional kitchen for a restaurant?

We take into consideration the needs of the client, trying to combine aesthetics and efficiency. Everything has to be studied carefully in the design process, such as the space, the food menu, the number of diners, the budget of the client.

When designing a restaurant kitchen, we make sure to get some insight from the people involved with the operation; such as the chef, the restaurant manager, the owner.


How do you combine space with efficiency and design?

Depending on the space of every kitchen, we make the design. Thanks to the large variety of products and custom fabrications, we can propose the most suitable so as to gain space without making compromises with the functionality or the design.


What are the most important hygienic and safety parameters to consider when you plan a professional kitchen

•          Flow Diagrams

The food business operator shall make available a complete and actual description of the operation in the form of flow diagrams (process steps) and layouts (production facilities).

When applying HACCP to a given operation, consideration shall be given to steps preceding and following the specified operation. These descriptions shall be drawn up and verified by the HACCP team.

•          Layout

All facilities which are part of the infrastructure of the food business, such as the production lines, storage areas and personnel facilities, shall be depicted in a layout plan.

In the layout the following items shall be indicated:

• The routing of products, personnel and air flows (in the case of 'high care' rooms);

• The areas where cross contamination of and incidental contact with in-process and finished products by raw materials, additives, lubricants, cooling agents, personnel, packaging, pallets and containers, cannot be excluded;

• The areas and facilities for personnel use.


How did the partnership with Olis take shape?

Xenex started working with Olis in 1997, approximately 20 years ago. Xenex was looking back then for a reliable good quality manufacturer of cooking equipment.

The cooperation started slowly and eventually became a very strong partnership between the two companies, and most importantly very close relationship developed among the people of Xenex and Olis!


Start up at passpartout restaurant- Rome (Italy)

  Passpartout and Olis open the doors (at least in part) to his kitchen in this video! Do you want to discover a "behind the scenes" of this mysterious place, a stone throw from St. Pietro in Rome?