EVO as extra virgin oil or as evolved?


This new technology brings numerous benefits and provides even more precise control over the cooking process. Besides facilitating the various functions and making them more intuitive, the large touchscreen lets you store recipes with preset temperatures and times.


The management software regulates oil temperature with great accuracy and modulates the power delivered according to workload, thus optimising consumption and use.


The 2 automatic basket lifts are called into action once a recipe is completed, thus guaranteeing uniform frying performance.


The automatic filtering system offers quick and easy oil cleaning by providing user-friendly instructions on the large display. The oil’s closed circuit ensures that hot oil will be handled in complete safety. A dedicated pump and the accessories provided mean that you can drain or fill up with oil using external containers.


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Start up at passpartout restaurant- Rome (Italy)

  Passpartout and Olis open the doors (at least in part) to his kitchen in this video! Do you want to discover a "behind the scenes" of this mysterious place, a stone throw from St. Pietro in Rome?