A tailor-made Diamante Kitchen


...a customer who is so tied to soil products, looks for excellence, quality, and attention to the details and needs  a tailor made professional kitchen. The tried-and-tested traditions of Olis are expressed in the Diamante kitchen, even more practical, better equipped and more technological. An evolutionary step forward in professional kitchens. Every detail of Diamante has been designed to speed up and simplify preparation, cooking, tidying up and cleaning, making it your best ally at work.

The single top cooking block, planned and tailor-made from Olis for Redoro stands out for and innovative and elegant design, which allows flexibility in food preparation and ease of cleaning. The aesthetic side panels ideal for central cooking blocks, the perfectly rounded finish of the Olis side panels gives the entire kitchen a distinctive and elegant look.


Thanks to display touch version, makes setting parameters quick and easy, reduces programming times and gives perfect results. The bottom-hung doors with a red handle and the distinctive Diamond shape is not only elegantly designed but also easier to open, making it a space for storing the most commonly used objects when working: spices, bottles, ladles and knifes.

Many ideas, great ambitions and a passion for perfection. This is how Olis has shaped and created an innovative identity for professional kitchens. Preparing exclusive and functional spaces, ensuring greater efficiency, combining the strength of stainless steel with elegant colours, thanks to an essential, creative and unique design. The new Diamante kitchen is now ready to surprise you.

Olis We Innovate Cooking


Start up at passpartout restaurant- Rome (Italy)

  Passpartout and Olis open the doors (at least in part) to his kitchen in this video! Do you want to discover a "behind the scenes" of this mysterious place, a stone throw from St. Pietro in Rome?