A contemporary Brasserie in Dubai


In this international and eclectic place, Olis met Chez Charles Restaurant thank to the long-term collaboration with Pros Equipment. Georges Ghaziri, our business partner in Pros, followed the project of this restaurant step by step and was glad to share with us some information and in the same way Chez Charles restaurant staff.


Let’s speak about Pros Equipment

Pros Equipment is a Kitchen equipment dealer based in Lebanon for over 40 years. 11 years ago a new branch was opened in Dubai. Our work consists of providing appropriate solutions and equipment to any project in need for professional industrial catering.

From floor plan study to supply and installation of equipment, our comprehensive array of services leaves you with nothing to worry about. At PROS, we handle your project from A to Z, ensuring end results that strictly comply with the best international quality standards.

With an experience spanning over 30 years and a proud portfolio of 20,000 clients from all over the world, PROS is one of today's leader names in industrial catering in the MENA region.


What are the more important aspects to consider when you design a professional kitchen for a restaurant?

We try to fit in the space the most equipment needed by the client and required for the menu and keep the correct work space to assure the right work progress in the kitchen.


What are the most important hygienic and safety parameters to consider when you plan a professional kitchen?

We work as per Dubai municipality requirements (as explained in that document: Submittal Requirements for Master Plan Approval  and divide the kitchen into areas.


How long have you been working with Olis?

We have been dealing with Olis since over 40 years now. We started from the beginning and we have participated in Olis revolution all over these years. The extraordinary reliability and the capacity to be flexible and to keep up with the times, make this brand the perfect partner for our projects.


 And now let’s have also a quick hit from the customer, Chez Charles Restaurant.


Tell us about Chez Charles Restaurant

Chez Charles Restaurant is located in the ‘en vogue’ Dubai Design District, showcasing a brasserie charm with a contemporary flair. The licensed brasserie is headed up by group executive chef Sylvain Gohier, formerly of Michelin-starred restaurant Le Quartier Gourmand. Because it is the cuisine that defines ‘Chez Charles’, the restaurant environment is characterized by a play on transparency and reflection. It displays a desire to produce exquisite dishes, rooted in traditional French cuisine with selective out of border flavors. ‘French sans frontières’ is what we call it.



What kind of professional equipment do you need in a restaurant like this?

The philosophy of the cuisine is simple and in tune with the highest standard of the Michelin dining worldwide. What we need is a full range high standard equipment: cooking block, grill- fryers- dishwashers- blast freezer- combi ovens, fridges, freezers.


How important is the technology in the cooking process nowadays in your sector?

Technology is very important in term of giving best quality and a fast service, helping the chef to create a complete menu and to offer to customers tasty food and a perfect service.


How do you choose the equipment you work with

Obviously space planning and flow of staff and food are vitally important but so is the selection of materials, ventilation and food temperature control. With these are considerations to all food hygiene requirements and all environmental laws to be attained. From then is the selection of equipment? Is it environmentally up to speed, is it durable to stand the test of time, is its performance good and reliability sound and equally will the company supplying the equipment be able to support the products with a good parts and service support.


How do you guarantee the quality of the food that is served from your kitchen?

Using the fresh ingredients and the best equipment, keeping them well maintained and cleaned.


How did the partnership with Olis take shape?

We got to know Olis brand thanks to Pros Equipment and we are fully satisfied. Olis professional kitchens make everything easier, from idea to final result. Olis has all the ingredients for the solution you’re looking for: solidity, efficiency and design, combined with a passion for practicality, innovation and technology.



Start up at passpartout restaurant- Rome (Italy)

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