Multifunction Fit-pan, a jolly for your kitchen.


Technology, sturdiness and power. From the experience of Olis, Fit-pan was conceived, thanks to which the cooking cycle becomes multi-purpose with the constant availability of many recipes. Optimised time and space and a new way of conceiving the professional kitchen.


Start up at passpartout restaurant- Rome (Italy)

Passpartout and Olis open the doors (at least in part) to his kitchen in this video!


Olis catering equipment hits the air with Ethiopian Airlines

In line with the ETHIOPIAN’s vision, the catering unit is designed and built from Olis and Acomex to accommodate and meet the ever growing catering needs of Ethiopian Airlines with more than 240 daily flights and other Ethiopian customer airlines flying to Addis Ababa. The new catering facility is said the largest in the continent of Africa.