An amazing cooking night in Bethlehem


Wji Al Amar Restaurant. Innovat8ion is a brand new hotel that has opened in Bethlehem with the idea of creating a place to foster openness and dialogue. Ihab Renawi, one of the other owners of Innovasion, adds that the hotel is a meeting place providing incentives for conferences and access to entertainment where there is no available hotels currently providing such services.

The ceremony began with the minister of Tourism, Bishop Theophultex, Deputy Governor of Bethlehem and Bethlehem Mayor Anton Salman cutting the opening ribbon of the hotel to start the formal implementation of its services.

Our chef Alessandro Tison worked together with the hotel staff , training them on Olis equipment an preparing a spectacular italian dinner.

The Palestinian Foreign Minister and Orthodox Christian Orthodox religious authority in Bethlehem and Jerusalem enjoyed it particulary.

Brazing, baking, griddle cooking…..the menu was the result of the use of fry-top, pasta cooker, lava stone grill,

Prime S oven and a complete range of refrigeration and saladette equipment.

A mix of seafood and local products: “In saor octopus” (a typical cooking of venetian tradition), saffron lamb with vegetables, sea bass ... and finally a very special dessert: the tiramisu! (with the various pieces broken up in the dish to taste together or separately)


There’s no need so much to create something extraordinary.

In the next days, Olis (and our chef!) will flies to Madagascar ready for a new cooking experience.

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To watch the video interview about the inaugural dinner click here


Start up at passpartout restaurant- Rome (Italy)

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Olis catering equipment hits the air with Ethiopian Airlines

In line with the ETHIOPIAN’s vision, the catering unit is designed and built from Olis and Acomex to accommodate and meet the ever growing catering needs of Ethiopian Airlines with more than 240 daily flights and other Ethiopian customer airlines flying to Addis Ababa. The new catering facility is said the largest in the continent of Africa.