A unique equipment with many functions.

The XXLine is a large range for professional cooking  including 6 functional units, which are flexible and particularly suitable for high-performance catering.

A perfect synthesis of efficiency, productivity and modern technology for catering.


One machine, many ways to cook. Control panel that allows for multiple uses of the COOKING PAN, DEEP FRYER, FRY-TOP, PASTA COOKER. Night-time cooking, vacuum cooking, steam and pressure cooking. Faster cooking cycles, high performance and with considerable energy savings.

 Electric Plancha

Two types of healthy and versatile ways to cook. Direct or indirect cooking with 4 independent zones and a system for continuous temperature adjustment. Heat does not dissipate due to the contact surface made from chrome molybdenum steel. Maintenance is quick and easy thanks to the hinged plate that can be lifted.

 Electric Fry-Top

Heat power is controlled. Cooking is uniform and perfect thanks to the thick chrome-plated stainless steel cooking plate. 2 independent cooking zones and temperature control with thermostatic adjustment from 110° to 280°C.

 Gas Fry-Top

One plate, simultaneous and uniform cooking. All this thanks to the 4 independent cooking zones and the AISI 304 heating elements made from cast aluminium in the machine body.The temperature of the hob is always under control thanks to the thermostatic adjustment from 110° to 280°C.

Deep  Fat  Fryer

The delicate balance when frying consisting in excellent cooking, greater productivity, longevity and sturdiness of the machine. The XXLine electric deep fryer is equipped with 4 pre-set timers in the basin with electronic cooking time control. Two baskets with a 1.5 kg capacity each, an hourly production of 58 Kg of “pre-chilled -4°C” potatoes and the oil filter system make the deep fryer the perfect combination of efficiency and safety.


The Barbecue is always perfect with the XXLine’s gas griddle.
Heating is obtained through 4 independent cast iron burners for a high and constant heat reserve. The cooking grid is made of cast iron, which is both tilted and reversible. Cooking fat is collected by the tilted Golosa with removable drawers.

 Refrigerated Bases

Your ally for conservation. The XXLine refrigerated base units preserve food in a non-aggressive way, due to the ventilation system with electronic temperature control, automatic defrost and dust filter. Their modularity allows them to be used as a base for cooking elements (with the exception of the pasta cooker and deep fryers).
Available in two versions: BT (-15/-20°C) and TN (-2/+8°C).

Open Stand

Indispensable assistants for perfect preparation. The XXLine trestles are the ideal supports for the preparation of food to support a cooking top in the upper part. Due to its modularity, the kitchen can be organised in the most efficient combination.

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