Diamante 90

Are covers increasing? So is performance.

As well as offering a vast range of solutions and 2 mm thick, 90 cm deep worktops with burners up to 10 kW,

the series has all the power, robustness and functionality you need to work effectively.


• AISI 304 stainless steel, Scotch Brite finish
• Swing door with accessories for holding knives, ladles and bottles
• Digital control panel with waterproof control knobs
• Double doors: bottom or side hung
• Functional side panels with up to 7 containers and holders
• The modular range: 200-400-600-800-1200
• Simple, functional coupling system
• Also available in a plinth-mounted version
• Wide range of accessories

The electronic interface allows to program everything by simply touching it.

Any type of cooking is made easier and automatic, reducing the time your staff spends in controlling the system,

while ensuring perfect results every time.

Furthermore, the new control knob, with its water and dirt proof crown, has a squared off,

rounded form for a more ergonomic grip and contoured indicator to simplify program selection.

Easy temperature setting

• Touch the temperature icon on the display
• Set the temperature by turning the knob
• Press the knob in to confirm

Real time temperature checks

• The handy illuminated indicator tells you how much time it’ll take to reach the temperature setpoint.

Quick and easy function selection.

Every machine has a display for selecting its functions – fan, probe, etc.

Optimised multiple cooking management.

• With the dual acoustic timer on the display, it’s easy to manage multiple recipes on a single machine.

Perfect cooking with the core probe.

• Even in recipes which require the use of a core probe, you simply set the temperature directly on the control panel with a single touch.

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