Diamante 90 Touch

Everything is controlledDiamante is efficient and practical, and simplifies every task in the kitchen:

from preparation and cooking to cleaning and tidying up.


Discover how quick and easy Diamante can make your work, while ensuring perfect results with its innovative touchscreen display,

exclusive double functional doors and the most advanced technology Olis can offer.

Everything is controlled easily with TOUCH panel

1 - ON / OFF 8 - Water filling (hot / fast)

2 - General signal 9 - Water filling (cold / slow)

3 – Heating 10 - Alternative set point

4 - Cooking zone indication 11 - Core probe

5 - Reading unit (°C / °F) 12 - Timer / Core probe temperature

6 - Temperature / level setting 13 – Timer

7 - Temperature / level reached

8 - Water filling (hot / fast)

9 - Water filling (cold / slow)

10 - Alternative set point

11 - Core probe

12 - Timer / Core probe temperature

13 – Timer

Quick and accurate selection of parameters.
Special features always visible and accessible on the display.

A new non-slip design, squared off and rounded for a more ergonomic grip, with a contoured indicator to facilitate setting.

And with the exclusive Encoder function, all you need to do is touch a programme,

turn the knob to set the level and press it to confirm the setting.

With a water and dirt proof crown.

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