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As always, it’s our passion for perfection that drives us to rethink and propose new concepts of space, function and efficiency – to do better than before. And to amaze our clients with “perfectly cooked” solutions. 

Olis kitchens.
Turn it on, set it and serve

Olis professional kitchens make everything easier, from idea to final result. Whether it’s a matter of equipping a small kitchen for a bistro, snack bar or pizzeria, or a large kitchen for a restaurant, company canteen, self-service restaurant or hotel, Olis has all the ingredients for the solution you’re looking for: solidity, efficiency and design, combined with a passion for practicality and technology. Choose an Olis kitchen to meet your space and use requirements, and start designing your future – right now.

New Diamante.
Tradition and innovation – all on your worktop.

The tried-and-tested traditions of Olis are expressed in the Diamante kitchen, even more practical, better equipped and more technological. A evolutionary step forward in professional kitchens. Every detail of Diamante has been designed to speed up and simplify preparation, cooking, tidying up and cleaning, making it your best assistant at work.


Diamante. Making space for efficiency.

Diamante is efficient and practical, and simplifies every task in the kitchen: from preparation and cooking to cleaning and tidying up. Discover how quick and easy Diamante can make your work, while ensuring perfect results with its innovative touchscreen display, exclusive double functional doors and the most advanced technology Olis can offer.

Double functional doors

Conceived with two different opening mechanisms, for double the space and capacity.Bottom-hung, for storing spices, bottles, knifes, ladles and spoons;
side-hung, to maximise the volume of the interior compartment.
All containers can be personalised, are interchangeable and easy to remove for washing in the dishwasher at the end of the day.

One knob to rule them all

A new non-slip design, squared off and rounded for a more ergonomic grip, with a contoured indicator to facilitate program selection.
Encoder function. Touch a program, turn the knob to set the level and press it to confirm the setting. With a water and dirt proof crown.

Intuitive interface

Makes setting parameters quick and easy, reduces programming times and gives perfect results.


Functional side panels

Equipped with up to seven Gastronorm containers or bottle holders, so that everything is close to hand – makes preparing even the most complicated dishes a snap.
With the “Ready to Wash” system so that containers can be placed directly into the dishwasher, thanks to Olis’ exclusive container fitting system.

With Diamante everything is in its place.

Olis knows how much functionality and output in the kitchen can be increased by having everything in its place, close to hand, with no interruptions to the flow of work.
Diamante is equipped with a set of compartments with bottom hung doors which are even easier to open and close, designed to keep your tools clean and tidy both before and during us.,working faster and more effectively.

Spice rack

To have all spices available quickly and within easy reach.

Ladle holder

Ready for use and protected from kitchen fat and oil,

as required by established hygiene standards.



Knife holder

Up to 7 knives for bread, vegetables and meat – kept tidy, clean and safely.

Dispenser holder

Your condiment bottles always ready to hand.

“Ready to Wash” system

An exclusive Olis system makes washing containers a snap: just remove them,

put them in the dishwasher and fit them back in place when they’re clean.

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