Let’s talk about the bain-marie…Never goes out of fashion

This cooking technique and more is, without a doubt, one of the oldest methods of cooking food (dating as far back as the time of the Ancient Egyptians).
The idea behind this method of cooking food is indirect heating using steam, at a controlled temperature.

Temperature precision

The bain-marie is particularly suited to foods that require extra care and “delicacy” during cooking or require lengthy preparations.

A cut of meat that is fat-free with no connective tissue needs to be cooked at low temperatures.

Professional bain-maries ensure the perfect cooking temperature to obtain a combination of delicious, fragrant, tender boiled meats. The meat is pink rather than greyish-brown which is the result when it is cooked at a temperature that is too high. The food is placed in the double boiler in plastic or vacuum-sealed bags.

The hallmark of this particular cooking method is the indirect heating which means that the temperature of the food increases gradually, allowing it to heat up evenly and uniformly, to obtain a succulent and perfect cooking result.

Another important feature of the double boiler is that the cooking water temperature never reaches “points of no return”, but can always be controlled, simply by adding cold water or increasing the intensity of the heat.

Whereas the technique in the past was somewhat rudimentary, today, thanks to advancements in technology, professional bain-marie can cook food that is both delicious and healthy, allowing you to produce succulent, tender and fragrant dishes.

Of course, some foods are better suited to this cooking process than others. Take eggs, chicken, pork and all red meats rich in fats, for example, that require a temperature below 60° and which, when cooked in this way, bring out the best in their flavours and aromas. In the case of creams for desserts (and sauces in general), excessive heat risks altering their flavour and consistency and creating lumps, which is why desserts are also perfect for the gradual intensity of double boiler cooking. Custard and zabaglione, for example, stay soft thanks to the gentle heating. This is also true for puddings and crème caramel if the double boiler is used in the oven.

Not just cooking…

Over time, other uses of the double boiler have become widespread.

Just think about the number of chefs who keep sauces, starters, first and second courses hot at about 65° to ensure a fast, impeccable service in total safety.

The bain-marie is also used to reheat cold products that are stored in vacuum packs depending on the type of service.

A wide variety of dishes can thus be reheated in the best possible way. Just prepare them in advance and then, during the process, blast chill as per current regulations and preserve them, so they can be brought out when needed and reheated in the bain marie.

Wide range of uses

There are professional bain-marie designed specifically for restaurant, hotel and self-service kitchens.
These machines consist of stainless steel modules featuring one or more bowls. The water is heated by heating elements or burners and controlled by a thermostat.

They have a water inlet unit and a drainage valve. In professional kitchens, it is usually placed in line with the cooking devices because it is used not only for specific cooking methods, but also for keeping dishes hot, so they are ready to be served.

High-quality professional

bain-marie, made in Italy

Olis, part of the Ali group, has been producing stainless steel professional kitchen modules for decades.
Various models of double boilers have always been included in the catalogue.
These can be inserted in solutions with the following depths: 1100,900,700,650, both on the worktop or in cabinets.
Outer casing and feet in stainless steel. Adjustable worktop height, ranging from 840 to 900 mm.


Outer casing and feet in stainless steel.
Adjustable worktop height, ranging from 840 to 900 mm.
2-mm thick worktops.
Gastro Norm bowl sizes.
Perforated false bottom to support containers.
Temperature regulation from 30° to 90°C.
Bowl equipped with overflow device.
Gas version: burner controlled by thermostatic valves with safety thermocouple and piezo-electric ignition.
Electric version: armoured heating element mounted on the outside of the bowl; water supply via solenoid valve.
To meet the high standards set by Olis, the double boiler is IPX5-certified for water protection in the electric versions.

All this is Olis

All the documentation about the devices is available on-line in the dedicated reserved area which includes a technical and commercial section.

By registering on the Olis website homepage, you can stay connected to the world of professional catering with a click.

Stay up-to-date on the latest news and tips in the restaurant industry.
Visit www.olis.it

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