Food safety and compliance with current regulations for large-scale distribution categories in the HO.RE.CA field

Even if the European regulation (EC) no. 1935/2004 Article 16 has been a well-known topic for several years now, aimed at all operators processing raw materials for the production and cooking of meals, mandatory certification is now required by the companies producing goods and equipment intended for cooking food.

Consequently, the choice of materials in direct contact with the raw material calls for specific features, i.e. ones that are free from substances which absorb, alter or cause alterations during cooking and its entire supply chain.

The choice of suitable materials is important

FCM processors must keep the supplier’s declaration of conformity and issue their own, complete with all the changes made.

The most important equipment used in the transformation and cooking of food is undoubtedly griddle plates and pasta cookers.

This professional equipment must comply with the legislation in terms of choosing the material that will come into contact with.

Diamante 90 Touch

It is not only respect for the materials but also the components of this equipment that determines countless advantages in efficiency aimed at saving energy and usage times, in addition to safety.

The thickness of the steel used is a fundamental, must-have feature in the choice of products. Given the constant relentless work, especially in large-scale retail trade where the work patterns are often frenetic, it is important to be able to rely on quality materials.

This will reflect on the safety standards for operators employed in very intense work turnovers. Olis offers a wide range of products that meet the most specific requests and needs to satisfy the increasingly attentive demands of the end customer.

Gas or electric powered equipment, with touch control to avoid monitoring cooking times and allow you to devote your time to more important activities.

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