How to have 7 cooking functions in a unique equipment.

The importance of optimizing the space in the kitchen.
The solution is to have multiple cooking functions in a unique equipment.

Development and research of technology for innovation of increasingly performing products allows operators to satisfy all market demands in the context of tenders for the assignment of canteen management.

To meet the needs of the end customer with increasingly customized solutions, Olis offers a wide range of equipment.

Gas or electric equipment, with touch panel to avoid the control of cooking times and allow you to spend your time in more important activities.

Fit-pan, the multifunction cooking center.

Have you ever thought about choosing 7 cooking functions in a unique equipment?

7 Cooking environments in a unique product

Fry top, Bratt Pan, Pasta Cooker, Roner, Steam, Kettle,
Bain Marie

Fit-Pan, the bratt pan by which the cooking cycle becomes multifunction, with many recipes always available. Optimized times and spaces and a new way of conceiving the professional kitchen.

A traditional kitchen in 40/80 cm of space.

Compact and multifunction, Fit-pan is an authentic cooking center that will change your way of cooking and will help you, when the other equipment will be occupied and in case of numerous orders.

With its multiple functions Fit-Pan allows you to reduce
the number of pots and containers, making the work area more
organized and easy to clean.

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